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Synergy Material Technology

a new highway to Superhard Material Industry

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Building relationships (guanxi) is a vital part of doing business in China.
SMT believes that a good business partnership should be for the long term, producing bigger, better and longer lasting benefits for those involved.



SMT staff think about what our partners want and devote time to building relationships. SMT will to go that extra mile with its partners and always try to bring a different perspective or a new independent point of view.



SMT's products include diamond, CBN, PCD, PCD Die Blanks, Lasers, WEDM, EDG, Polishing, Vacuum Brazing, Cold Pressing and Metal Powders.

Key Partners

    SMT Head Office
    Room 301, 3/F
    222 Queen's Road,
    Central, Hong Kong

    +852 2882 1163
    +852 2882 9168